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Israel photographer
Israel photographer

Israel is often called the Promised Land; it’s a home of many nations, cultures and civilizations. It’s a combination of three religions; pilgrimage to this country is considered to be the most important event for any person who believes in God. Israel is something more than just a country to spend holidays. The richness and beauty of Israel are inexhaustible, wonderful and unique. It seems that history of the country embodies the Eternity itself; it’s a thousand-year history of the most important events. Israel enshrines its secrets and unravels them only to those who come to the Promised Land in all good faith and with kind intentions. 

At the same time it should be mentioned that Israel is growing and developing. It’s a modern country that can boast not only its glorious past but also its flourishing present. The national colour wonderfully and easily combines with a furious rhythm of modern world here. There are not only famous religious and historic monuments but also dainty restaurants, comfortable hotels. So Israel is surely worth visiting by everyone at least once in a lifetime. 

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