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Fiji photographerFiji photoFiji photographerFiji island
Fiji photographer
Fiji photographerFiji photoFiji photographerFiji island

You were always impressed by photos of mountain scenery? And what if you had an opportunity to visit a country with fascinating riot of color, the emerald waves, gold yellow sand and sun, brown mountains, green tropic forest, and orange, red, purple exotic flowers, that mix into extremely beautiful scenery of different colors and tints? The transparency of sky blue combines with sea aquamarine and it seems there is no horizon but only boundless glassy.

On Fiji the world loses its usual shape and all problems and everyday concerns pass. You have only a feeling of easiness, immense happiness and perfect calmness. You had it only in childhood and now on Fiji.

Who said that the best gardens were those that grew on the ground? To make sure that it’s not true you just have to visit coral gardens on Fiji, to see creatures that live beneath the sea flowing between weird interlaced “trees”. There are bright butterfly fish, slow turtles, graceful tape eels, sea snakes, sharks… Different sea birds fly above the aquamarine glassy as if they were small touches of magnificent picture called Fiji.