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Would you like to visit the country with a mysterious Arctic distance and high mountains, hot deserts, dormant volcanoes, geysers, ocean and a mysterious island with the same mysterious name - Easter Island? Photos are already charming and if you come to Chile the locals will always meet you with a smile and without any doubt their hospitality will give you a charge and optimism and belief that the future will be bright and beautiful. It is pleasant to walk on the charming streets of small towns, to meet with the traditions of this state which were kept by locals in spite of any facts.

However how can you say about the beauty of Chile, history or culture of the country and not mention about wine? After all the country is famous for its wineries which are comfortably settled in the valleys between majestic mountains and vast Pacific Ocean. The wine is really excellent here so a wedding or a birthday will be very funny. In addition excellent tan is guaranteed for you because  there are wonderful ocean beaches in Chile. There is no doubt a trip to Chile will give you lots of positive emotions and experiences!