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Argentina ... It seems the word is filled with flames of views of local men and women, the passion of tango, football excitement, plenty of great steaks. And this is true. However for the Spanish conquistadors Argentina was attractive because of the belief that here was a lot of silver in the ground. That's why the name of the state is Lat. Argentums.

In our time Argentina is not the charm of a beautiful legend of the silver but rather the unique opportunities that are open for travelers. So you can visit not only the heated sand, plains and steppes of passion Argentina but also get acquainted with gentle, lyrically thoughtful Argentina visiting a crystal clear lake or enjoying the mountain peaks crowned with a diamond tiara of glaciers. And can someone be indifferent to irresistibly beautiful and the largest cascading waterfall in the world? Of course there is a turquoise coast with a gentle sun and the proud mountain scenery in Argentina. All this makes the country even more attractive and enticing for the rest. Stay in the country of fiery tango and the courage, good mood will be your companions for a long time!

© Wedgo — a photographer in Argentina!