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Wedding in Rome | Alexey Safonov | Italy
Hello. My name is Alexey Safonov. I'm a wedding and destination photographer. Stylish classic, incendiary reportage! I take pictures everywhere. * Member of the International Association of Wedding Photographers FearlessPhotographer * Winner of the Mywed Award 2014 in the nomination of a banquet. * Finalist Mywed Award 2014 in the nomination ceremony.

Wedding in Rome

It was great to visit a real Italian Catholic wedding. So many emotions I have not experienced before. The guys were amazing, truly happy and loving. The registration was held in Chiesa di Santa Maria not far from the Vatican. Grazie Mille.
My photo is for connoisseurs of the moment. The photos are live and natural, they pay special attention to relatives and close people. It is these pictures that become the most important years later. Much attention is paid to staging photography. Light, unobtrusive and stylish photos will complement your family album.
October, 2016