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When travelling around the world we often feel inspired by the many fascinating sights and sounds along the way. We are living in an age where technology allows us to capture images and video instantly with selfie-stick equipped smartphones and consumer grade digital cameras among other things. The results when using this technology can be adequate for many occasions, but would you trust it for capturing a significant event such as your wedding or anniversary abroad? A very important question to consider! Finding a pro wedding or event photographer in an unfamiliar city abroad can be a daunting task to say the least. At Wedgo we pride ourselves in making this daunting task a lot simpler. As we all know, planning a wedding abroad is an enormous task in itself. Wedgo will help you lighten the load by connecting you with a friendly competent pro photographer from our worldwide database. Why not hire a professional who is established in the city, or near the resort where you are planning to have your wedding or celebrate your anniversary? We invite you to read further to find out how it all works..
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Top wedding destinations

Anguilla Anguilla
Anguilla - a self-governing overseas territory of the UK. The territory includes himself Anguilla island, which extends the arc on 26 km south-west to north-east, as well as the small...
Malta Malta
Almost every photo of this country has imbibed a special aura of warmth and light and benevolence
Malaysia Malaysia
Malaysia is famous to many people due to the photo of the biggest mosque in Asia or to the picture of the highest building in the world – Pertonas tower. Modern Malaysia charms and makes...

Top destination photo shoots

engagement photo session engagement photo session
I photograph Iva and Jacobs engagement session in the beginning of spring. As a location for this session I chose cherry alley. The romantic cherry trees in bloom along with sun shining...
Wedding Boudoir for Evgeniya Wedding Boudoir for Evgeniya
I have meat Evgeniya during study in university, but after our graduation we mostly didn't see each other. But then at one day she write me and asked about boudoir photoshoots before...
Wedding in Rome Wedding in Rome
It was great to visit a real Italian Catholic wedding. So many emotions I have not experienced before. The guys were amazing, truly happy and loving. The registration was held in Chiesa...

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Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hi. We are planning to go to Greece in October 2017. My husband and i are thinking of having a photoshoot in Santorini on October 8, 2017. May i know how much you charge?...
Looking for a photographer in Spain
Hi my name is Anusha, I am having my sixteenth birthday in a few weeks and i would like a photographer to capture the great memories. How much do you charge to come for 1 or 2 hours. P.S:...
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Need a photoshoot in humale ga

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What is common for a wedding in Cuba, a symbolic ceremony in Bali and a romantic photosession or videosession in Maldives? Answer: they are united by the question: "What a wedding...
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