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Hochzeitsvideo Kulturhof Knechtsteden in Dormagen
Germany, May 2019
Schneider Fotografie & Videografie
Musiklizenz: Musicbed
Location: Kulturhof Knechtsteden in Dormagen
Mit einem Highlight-Video bieten wir euch die Möglichkeit, die wertvollen Erinnerungen an euren Hochzeitstag in bewegten...
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"Never belittle the power of God" Wedding video in Poland
Poland, May 2019
"Never belittle the power of God" "Никогда не ограничивай Бога"
Это трепетное и нежное видео наша команда сняла в маленьком городке Львувек-Слёнски, что находится в Польше.
Всё торжество было пронизано настроением счастья, добра ,...
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Ali & Tako Ceremony day full video in Georgia
Georgia, May 2019
Elaqe Tel: +995 555 33-00-43. +995 555 00-61-61 İnstagram: @ilkin_videographer @heydar_photographer

Awailable Worldwide
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Video Love story in Europe
Italy, May 2015
Pre-Wedding Alex and Jane. Prague, Italy, Paris traveling in europe. Photo and Video production
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Denmark, May 2018
A deserted airfield on a wonderful piece of land..
They both forgot the time. Flying over the land with her love.
Come close, and break away with a wink.
Love being close to each other, and let yourself fall into it ...
That was the hottest...
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" Powerful love" // Iceland
Iceland, May 2018
My vocation is to save emotions and tell about important for us big and small events which will definitely remain the brightest in your life.
If you want to know the description and cost of our service and package offers, the availability of your...
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Romantic elopement wedding in Cape Town
South Africa, May 2018
LOVE IN MOTION FILM: Wedding video of an intimate and romantic elopement wedding in Cape Town, South Africa.
It was a beautiful day in Cape Town for this intimate wedding.
Even though their wedding took place in the winter, we were blessed...
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Nessa & Nic
Mauritius, May 2018
This is "Nessa & Nic" by Luminair Studio
One thing we at Luminair Photography Studio believe in and take pride in ensuring, is that we intensely savour every single hundredth of a moment so that no memory ever gets away. Every single shot we take...
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My 2017 work collection
Australia, May 2017
Hi, I'm Ray, a Chinese background videographer and video editor specialized in wedding industry.
I have worked in this industry for more than 5 years. I like cinematic and dramatic style wedding films.
I finished my master degree in RMIT,...
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Mauritius, May 2017
Hello how are you
This is a video of my last photoshoot
It was done in Mauritius and not in Africa (because some people think it's in Africa)
Yes she is beautiful my island
I made this video to show you the dehind the scene
Thanks to the team...
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