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Lisa & Chris | Marius Dragan | Costa Rica
AMDragan appeared in time as something very personal to us, Marius – “that big haired photographer” and Andra – “that cute and popular photographer on Facebook”. We love to have happy brides and relaxed grooms that admit that “I didn’t knew it’s so funny to pose”. Our style of photography is full of color and joy, exactly what we want to give from the most beautiful day of each couple.

Lisa & Chris

Lisa & Chris are a really special couple for our hearts. They are arts professors in Las Vegas and they have decided to go all the way to Costa Rica to have their wedding. Everything at this wedding was amazing, starting with the hotel where we've stays - Dreams. This must be one of the most beautiful hotels we've every stayed. For the ceremony we drove about 2 hours deep into the jungle. Being the rainy season, at the moment when the rain stopped, they took their wedding clothes on and in a few minutes, the ceremony started. It was a breathtaking location, with a beautiful waterfall and a lot of exotic plants. After the ceremony, the party started. Even if the wedding had no more then 18 guests (including me and the couple), it was one of the best parties I have ever been to. I love you guys and thank you for this unforgivable experience!
Costa Rica
June, 2015