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Alexander and Julia. Wedding in Italy, Sardegna | Artjom Kurepin | Italy
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Alexander and Julia. Wedding in Italy, Sardegna

The wedding was at Villa Las Tronas and Villa Mosca in Sardegna, Italy.
Our filming crew of 2 photographers and 2 videographers spent 5 days in this beautiful place by filming the story of our couple.
The full video is available by request but you can see this short clip with stunning locations of Sardegna.
First day we had a pre wedding party with guests, then one day of scouting after the wedding day with ceremony at the sunset and after we did the shooting with couple at the cliff and at the beach and we also had a day for shooting the villa and live style. Enjoy!
October, 2014


16.01.2019 at 04:51, Dimitri Kuliuk

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