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Capturing cherished memories of your trip
Hi! My name is Anna! Photography for me is an amazing process of revealing the beauty of a person, for me there is no difference, you model with experience or the first time standing in front of the lens 📷
Based in Chicago area!!!
Services: Weddings, Portraits, Social-media content, Snapshots, Catalog shooting, Family

Chicago Style street photoshoot for the girl

The photo shoot have been taken in 2019 in Downtown Chicago was published in Lensnational magazine (United Kingdom) model Anita Medunska showed her lifestyle on Chicago streets. Life in a big city is filled with constant movement. The wide streets that are in the shade of skyscrapers that obscure the sunlight create a soft cozy atmosphere. The image of the model represents a young modern resident of a big city, constant movement and only for a moment you can stop and take a breath. And you are again in motion and again you are moving in the rhythm of a big city, feeling its essence...
United States
August, 2019