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Wedding abroad in Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada, Giftun island | EgyptWed
If you have own interesting ideas we will be happy to do it real on an ancient and mystical land "Egypt".
Best regard, your wedding coordinator Svetlana Aied.

Wedding abroad in Egypt, on a yacht Red Sea, Hurghada, Giftun island.

Welcome to your wedding! Welcome to the fairy tale, as if descended from the pages of “1001 Nights”, a fairy tale that I create for you in reality. Egypt Country of mystery. The magical land of ancient legends. The home of eternal summer, the gentle sun, the fantastic world of sea wonder. Isn't that the reason why Egypt is so attractive for all lovers from all over the world? It is here that year after year they come to make a marriage proposal, witness their union, celebrate another anniversary of a happy life together. If you have your own interesting ideas, we will be happy to help you translate them into life on an ancient and mystical land - the land of Egypt! With love, your wedding coordinator Svetlana Ayyad.
April, 2019