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Capturing cherished memories of your trip
A Moustache Affair | Tiago Aguiart | Portugal

I am Tiago, a Portuguese young photography pursuer. I'm an earthy guy, interested in an healthy eco thinking lifestyle. I have briefly studied graphic design, before I gave up to my passion - Photography. As a freelancer, my focus is mostly people and couple photography!

A Moustache Affair

At their hometown's favorite garden, the dancing pair celebrate love by wrapping themselves in each other, with warm tones and desert vibes - a whole new empty page ahead to fill with meaningful stories!

João and Ricardo were engaged for a couple of weeks and wanted a simple yet strong story to place at the beginning of a new chapter. It was mandatory to make it in their hometown and in a place with both natural and artistic character. Porto's Biologic Park it's a small institution with a unique succulent and exotic garden. It is known for being a haven for artistic minds to gather and unwind. It also features many free art exhibitions inside the beautiful seigniorial red house.

Preserve Love <3
April, 2019