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Capturing cherished memories of your trip
Cooperation with brands and online stores | Goods photoshoot by Octav Cado | Philippines
Hello, I'm a professional photographer with a wealth of experience shooting across Asia. I create and reflect emotions using natural light and beautiful scenery. My style of photography is authentic and real.

I'm currently in Bali, and I like to travel, so I'm open for wedding shootings and big projects in other places

Cooperation with brands and online stores

Professional goods photoshoot for brands, online stores, magazines in exotic places and luxury villas. Cooperation.

Today while having the digital technology age, forty per cent of purchases are made online and the indicator is steadily growing. The companies and leading brands are actively developing Internet sites as well as popular apps which potential buyers spend a lot of time at.

Both the platform convenience and visual content are important for the transactions conversion. While having huge information flow, professional talented photography only may catch the client’s attention, which is transformed into contact. Introduce your product the best way in order to make a purchase decision positive.

Professional photoshoot will help to achieve a high conversion from the Internet sites. The visual content creation cost has long become an integral marketing budgets part in the companies, Photoshoot is especially important for the online store.
May, 2018