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Photoshoot with cabriolet | Octav Cado | Cambodia
Hello, I'm a professional photographer with a wealth of experience shooting across Asia. I create and reflect emotions using natural light and beautiful scenery. My style of photography is authentic and real.

I'm currently in Bali, and I like to travel, so I'm open for wedding shootings and big projects in other places

Photoshoot with cabriolet

Fashion photoshoot, this is the style Angelica and I chose at the preliminary meeting. Angelica got into character quickly and well, and the exotic nature was a perfect, totally unostentatious background. As a result, the photos were spectacular and a bit provocative that was what we had expected;)
I live in asia from 2012 year and know how get cars, motorbike, villa, yacht and more other with good prices for shooting.

Now I want to use helicopter, I think it's really awesome idea! Can I know your opinion ?)
August, 2016