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Photographer Kateryna Gorbanov | Reviews
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Phin and Anna Casady
Event date: February 21, 2020
Services: Photography, Videography, Hair&beauty
Destination Hawaii
Aloha! My wife and I recently had an absolutely amazing photo session with Jerry and his partner, Kat. We couldn’t be happier with the results! They took us to a beautiful Hawaiian landscape on a windy day, and although at first it seemed like the wind was going to cause us grief, it actually added a very special element to the photos. We are so grateful to them for capturing our eternal love for each other in a truly unique and timeless way. We both would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an exceptional 5 star photographic experience! Mahalo The Casady family
March 11, 2020
Anastasiia Doppelmayer
Event date: February 23, 2020
Services: Photography
Destination Hawaii
My husband and I did a wedding photo shoot with Kateryna and Jerre in Hawaii. It was clear they are true professionals, from the very first contact via email through the actual shoot, to the point we received our photos and even follow-up to ensure we were happy. They paid attention to the smallest detail, including why they’d selected certain locations, how to prepare and what to bring, who would be working with us and the types of photos they were hoping to capture.  They both communicated clearly and were extremely responsive to all of our questions (and we had a lot!).   We were surprised at their level of effort to scout each location ahead of time, ensure lighting would be perfect, and determine the exact approach they wanted to take at each location to get the most out of each shoot. My husband has had limited time in front of a camera, but they made everything so comfortable and easy he started to enjoy himself and by the end of the day he wanted more camera time! Each has a photography style that complements the other and the results are amazing. We’ve had a hard time choosing which photos to print because all of them are so good. If you would like to capture sweet memories of any life event, we highly recommend Jerre and Kateryna.
March 10, 2020
Kateryna Skuba
Event date: May 08, 2019
Services: Photography
Destination New York (United States)
At the photo shoot with Kateryna, you feel yourself special, very beautiful and fatally attractive. She could find interesting locations for the shoot absolutely everywhere and catch amazing shots that convey not only your external world. Kateryna is very attentive to each client, finds out their interests and thinks through every detail of the future photo shoot. She is really interested in the result and does everything to ensure that you end up with the perfect photos. In the first seconds when you look at your pictures, you think that you are holding up magazine cover layouts, they are so cool, but then you realize that this beautiful image is you!!!! Kateryna is a real professional! I highly recommend a photo shoot with Kateryna to everyone and feel what’s like to be a superstar 😀
March 05, 2020
Dmytro Makarov
Event date: January 22, 2020
Services: Photography, Videography
Destination Honduras
I worked with Kat and I am absolutely happy to recommend her to everyone. The combination of the talent and creativity makes her the best professional I ever met. Kat is super responsible and attentive to details. Excellent communicative skills, charisma and drive makes he absolutely fabulous. Kat is a high-class professional with a global vision of personality. I am looking forward to work with her again.
March 01, 2020
Viktoria Berman
Event date: June 06, 2019
Services: Photography, Videography, Wedding planning
Destination Germany
I thoroughly was looking for a while a talented photographer with a rich creativity side and a lot of energy for my wedding. And I found Kateryna. She is a very comfortable person to work with. Here creativity is unbelievable! We ordered wedding movie and photo album. Me and my fiance are very happy with the end result. Now our family have a photographer we are confident in and will be ordering more photo sessions. If you want to be sure that your important moment of your life will be captured professionally then Kateryna is the person you are looking for.
March 01, 2020
Jerre Stead Jerre
Event date: February 27, 2020
Services: Videography
Destination Hawaii
I have worked with Kateryna a few times now and each time I am more and more amazing by hear drive and creativity! She is such a unique passionate creative spirit. I’m definitely looking forward to working with her more in the future! Thank you for everything Kateryna!
March 01, 2020
Ksenia Malyukova
Event date: January 20, 2020
Services: Photography
Destination Hawaii
It was amazing working with Kateryna :) She is very nice, very talented, has a great eye and is super fun communicating with! I totally loved my experience 😊 She shot my favorite portrait of me in my life :)
February 29, 2020
Elena Iva
Event date: June 03, 2018
Services: Photography, Hair&beauty
Destination New York (United States)
It was an amazing love story photo shoot. Kat's professionalism approach starting from our communication with her through e-mail and ending with the transfer of finished photos. We just said what we are waiting for from the photo session, and Kat did everything herself. I was wondered of her deeply attentions for details. She created for us photo looks, she found a professional make-up for us. She even advised us what a bouquet would be better for our photo walks. The photo shoot was very easy. It seemed to us that we know each other for a long time. We felt very comfortable and warm with her and she knew how to stage a subject correctly. She was extremely reactive, provided feedback right away, very punctual and always responsive. We like her personable, and highly professional.
September 13, 2018
Olga Kalashnikova
Event date: August 17, 2018
Services: Photography
Destination United States
My husband and I hired Kat for a romantic lifestyle LOVE STORY photoshoot to celebrate our five-year Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii. My husband isn't into photoshoots at all, but after seeing Kat's portfolio he wanted to shoot with her right away. We met a couple of days before the shoot to sort of get a feel for each other. Right away we fell in love with Kat! We really appreciated her taking the time to meet us before the shoot. She was very positive and professional from the beginning as we went over the logistics and selected appropriate timing and locations for the shoot. We really appreciated how efficient yet gentle her direction was during the shoot. It helped us to relax and follow her direction with ease. One thing that struck us the most was Kat's terrific imagination! She suggested so many wonderful locations and organic yet very specific activities during the shoot. This made our photos look very unique - different from millions of other couple's photoshoots - and at the same time very vibrant, natural and in-the-moment. When Kat showed us our photos, we were at awe. So were our friends and family. We got comments like, "A brilliantly captured romance!" "Your pictures look like they came straight out of a magazine!" "How intimate, romantic & original!" It was as if Kat was this invisible magician who showed up during our private moment and was able to fully capture our beautiful Island Love Story frame by frame. Needless to say that our Wedding Anniversary photos will be memories to last a lifetime. We are forever grateful!
August 19, 2018
Nadia Dolgaleva
Event date: May 21, 2018
Services: Photography
Destination New York (United States)
I highly recommend Kat! The photo session was great. We were very comfortable to work with her. She can help with organization, locations, bouquet and hairstyle. I really like that Kateryna created a plan before and was well prepared. She is a responsible, professional and creative person. Kat thank you so much for the wonderful photos!
July 22, 2018