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Classic wedding in the castle. Brussels, Belgium
HI, I'm destination photographer in Europe. Travel, new places and people, different weddings are an inspiration to me to be more creative, trendy, understandable and loved by couples from all over the world.
I have been lucky to visit 39 countries, work with many international couples and I'm looking forward to come and take pictures of your Amazing wedding or love story.

Classic wedding in the castle. Brussels, Belgium

It was a classic elegant wedding at the castle Chateau Bayard.
The bride arrived by the retro car to Notre-Dame-de-Lacken church. Everything was like in a movie - she walked towards the groom under the divine music and enthusiastic views of the guests.
After the catholic ceremony everyone went to the castle. I didn’t have much time to make portraits of the bride and groom, photos with friends and parents, but as a result many good and interesting shots came out.
Cocktail was held in the courtyard of the castle. My focus was on reportage photography, emotions, pictures that show atmosphere of the day. Although I took “photos for a frame” for every family or couple.
The banquet was without a host, but the guests made this evening! Friends prepared interesting speeches with memories, scenes, sincere toasts.
At the end of the evening a real dance party began in another hall. Club light, driving music, cocktails and snacks.
Please watch more photos of the wedding on my website
August, 2019