Capturing cherished memories of your trip
The early november sun in Paris! )) | Dimitri Finko | France

Photography is not just a camera, lens, strap, tripod and other equipment. It’s a definite philosophy that unites thoughts, feelings, smiles, memories. Yes, a time machine allowing to return to the past, perhaps only for same seconds in our memory.
If you like my portfolio and lifevision the world, I am able to offer you concepts of creative photo shoots. Each photo session is individually.

The early november sun in Paris! ))

This wedding photo session in Paris, held early November morning with a lovely bride and groom from Minsk. We started at 8:00 on the place du Trocadéro which offers a beautiful view on Eiffel tower, on this day we were so lucky, the light was excellent and on the street was almost without people, because it was a Sunday morning, our photo shoot lasted for an hour in the area of the Eiffel tower. Then we recovered in the lovely garden of the Tuileries, where we made many fine staff, even though it was already November, but with the weather we were very lucky it was warm out and the light was soft, shooting in the park we walked to the Louvre, this place was a perfect end to our memorable photo shoot in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko.
September, 2015