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Wedding Lago di Braies, Italy photographed by Dimitri Kuliuk
Hi! My name is Dimitri and I love to photograph weddings and personal stories because it charges me.

I am based in Italy, and I provide my services all over the world ✈. Also I have wedding video team.

I spend a lot of time in Rome and I'm ready to work with best couples in love.

Mirel & Camelia | Wedding Lago di Braies, Italy

When we are asked to tell a word about how is it to shoot a wedding at Lago di Braies in Italy, we always say & admit that "mountains is all about this beauty".
But even keeping this fact in mind, we were absolutely sure that May will be a great month to visit Lake Braies and make a wedding there, just because it's already the last month of spring, when everything begins to flourish and grow. But the May of 2018 was completely different!
The wedding day of these two beautiful Gods' creatures was a true miracle! We never seen such a changeable weather like that! No jokes! Every 15-20 minutes the calm & rain weather.
It was an incredibly dramatic day, full of love & eternal beauty between Mirel and Camelia.
Here how it was...
May, 2018