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Engagement in London | Elisa Bellanti
Foto Event is a studio specializing in wedding reportage and portraiture based in Catania. We are a Team of young artists who love photography spontaneous and innovative
Our photography is combination of emotional portraits and wedding reportage: genuine, fun. appassionate.

Engagement in London

They called me a rainy morning and asked if I wanted to leave:
"where do we go?"
The name of a city I love escapes me from the lips.
I wanted to go there for years, but I had not yet had a chance
I start with the bride and groom and their smiles are my smiles, their eyes are mine.
Two days to the discovery of a magnificent city told with lightness and joy, with the astonished eyes of those who have never seen a big city because cresciut and born in a small town. Their sparkling love echoed through the streets, under the arcades of covent garden!
Lillo and Lucia, an unforgettable weekend in London.
A unique city. Their exuberance, the way they do, their love. Tell us through our shots.
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
March, 2015