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Anniversary shoot in sunny Amsterdam | Tania Sushchenia | Netherlands
I'm Tania, I'm a photographer and I really love to photograph people and life: heartful weddings, warm couple and family shoots, sincere and beautiful portraits.
I think, one of the most important things while picking your photographer is to connect with him, his style and, of course, trust him to capture your stories.

Anniversary shoot in sunny Amsterdam

It was a great time with such a lovely couple. Sunny streets, old bridges, cute brick houses, bicycles and lots of LOVE. It was my dream to shoot a couple in this city for a long time but I didn't even think it would come true so quickly.
Kate and Yuriy wrote me with an idea of a shoot in Amsterdam right after New Year and I thought it was quite a holiday gift for me! ♥

This February we met actual early spring in Amsterdam, it was quite warm, with lots of sunlight and we even found some blooming trees!
February , 2018