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Maldives, January 2019
It was hot
It was really hot
Still this acclimatization
But fun
We are in Santa's caps
We are in red swimsuit
We run on water and on the beach
We take pictures at the Christmas tree in 30 degree heat
WE HAPPY!!!!!...
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Maldives wedding in Kuredu resort
Maldives, February 2018
On the Sunny island of Kuredu in the Maldives, for a photo shoot I was invited by a friend of the bride Ksenia. He and his friends decided to make a gift to the newlyweds for the wedding. Warm ocean, hot tropical sun and two loving hearts on a beautiful...
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Maldives honemoom love story
Maldives, February 2018
A beautiful couple Olesya and Stepan invited me to capture their honeymoon in the Maldives. On a paradise island, we started a photo shoot in the morning. Olesya wore a chic very delicate wedding dress, made a light make-up.
We all planned,...
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Maldives, August 2017
Beautiful honeymoon Nina and Sergei on a very remote quiet and insanely beautiful island in the Indian ocean.
The couple came to celebrate their honeymoon and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the ocean. They prepared for a photo shoot, prepared...
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Nataliy and Alexey
Maldives, October 2017
The guys celebrated the honeymoon. They chose a very remote and quiet island in the Maldives. There was a sense of complete solitude and that they were all alone, alone on an uninhabited island as a buddha. Very light and pleasant in everything,...
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Marita and Stepan
Maldives, October 2017
Marita and Stepan came to the Maldives to celebrate the honeymoon. We split the photo session into 2 parts. The first part we decided to shoot at sunset, when the sun beautifully goes beyond the horizon, and the second part was shot at dawn, when...
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Wedding in Santorini
Greece, September 2017
This beautiful Kirill & Katerina wedding took place in Santorini on the 17th of September'17. On the unique island of Greece. I was very pleased to be a photographer for this wonderful couple. The tenderness, charm and big love was floating in...
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Maldives October 2017 honeymoon
Maldives, October 2017
Very beautiful, young, cheerful, unrealistically energizing couple. They only recently got married and are on their honeymoon.
Alex leading the various activities, so he loves to be photographed, and his young beautiful wife Karina singer!...
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Maldivies august
Maldives, August 2017
Incredibly beautiful, sociable and cheerful guys who invited me for a photo shoot on their honeymoon.
Charming and very feminine Victori was fully prepared for the shoot, we had a few beautiful images and locations. For pictures on a big coral...
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Tenerife honeymoon
Spain, September 2015
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