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Photo shoots in Germany

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anna and dennis
Germany, June 2018
Photoshoot in Cologne, Germany.
The photos were made in the city center ,
during the sunny summer day it was hard to find a good location for a photoshooting , so i as a photographer , was trying to find shadow places, also i adviced to make some...
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Wedding photoshoot in Hamburg
Germany, May 2018
It was a perfect wedding day. We started early in the morning and I took romantic and sexy photos for a bride.
After that a couple had official ceremony in the registry office.
Hamburg is a nice city for a wedding photoshoot. There are a lot of...
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Wedding in Germany
Germany, May 2016
Shooting in Aachen
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Wedding in Bremen, Germany.
Germany, May 2015
Beautiful wedding in Bremen, Germany. Wedding photographer Andrej Pavlov, more images: l

German version:
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Wedding in Düsseldorf
Germany, Jule 2013
Beautiful wedding in Düsseldorf, Germany. Wedding photographer Andrej Pavlov, more images:
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Germany, November 2013
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