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Noorain's First | Ali Nasir | Maldives
I'm an experienced professional photographer based in Maldives, who travels all over the country mostly to resorts and atolls.
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Noorain's First

This was the most interesting day of the year, since started. It was awesome. I was asking myself who are gonna be meeting me at the location I confirmed. It was a nice day, around 4pm. I scouted a good location for them and informed them 90 minutes before the shoot, well they arrived late. There was no problem thinking about the preparation and clothes as they came prepared. she wasn't familiar with the crowd but I managed to capture the best of the best of the day. MI- Client was happy. I did inform them that there would be a delay in delivery due to my work and will deliver them as soon as possible. with luck i was able to deliver them within 4 days
May, 2017