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Love in Seyshells
Seychelles, May 2017
Wedding ceremony in Seyshells. Nice couple from Moscow. We started at day time with preparation of the bridge and than wedding ceremony. Right after ceremone rain started and we decided to go to another side of the island. It was so nice and sunny...
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engagement photo session
Czech Republic, April 2017
I photograph Iva and Jacobs engagement session in the beginning of spring. As a location for this session I chose cherry alley. The romantic cherry trees in bloom along with sun shining through them beautifully back lit these two lovers. We have...
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Wedding Boudoir for Evgeniya
Spain, April 2015
I have meat Evgeniya during study in university, but after our graduation we mostly didn't see each other. But then at one day she write me and asked about boudoir photoshoots before her wedding ceremony.
She like type of my works and look for...
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Wedding in Rome
Italy, October 2016
It was great to visit a real Italian Catholic wedding. So many emotions I have not experienced before. The guys were amazing, truly happy and loving. The registration was held in Chiesa di Santa Maria not far from the Vatican. Grazie Mille.
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Hindu wedding
India, December 2016
This was a 2 days Real Indian wedding in Mumbai.
It happened last year and it was one of the most beautiful and interesting experiences I ever had as a wedding photographer. Not only for flying to India (that was also amazing) but for all the different...
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Traveling around the world
Italy, February 2017
Here is many different pictures what i love.
You an enjoy to look them.
I love to do a pictures, portraits, and many different photo of our beautiful world. I have visited many different country: Europe, Carribean, San Diego, Chile, Brazil,...
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Italy, June 2016
This Romantic Bride's put up and make up was for nice wedding in Liguria region.
let me tell you about me:
I am hairstylist with 15 years of experience. i love to do any type of wedding/ Bride's Hair do/ put up, Make up, Hair cut, Blow dry, Ombre,...
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Individual photoshoot in Bali
Indonesia, May 2017
I had an idea to make a photoshoot of really asian girl in Bali. As indonesian women are so shy for the photo i decided to find someone just with asian look. So, we really lucky to get request from Alena for a private session. Chosen location is Omah...
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Pre wedding shoot in Delhi
India, April 2017
Pre-wedding shoot in Delhi.
I shoot my couple in 12 location in one day.
Shashank Shekhar is a fashion and wedding photographer based in New Delhi India. His work has been described as Classic, romantic and clean. These are three qualities...
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Joy & Jan | Santorini Vacation Photoshoot
Greece, April 2017
Joy and Jan came all the way from China, to the little magical island of Santorini for their dream photoshoot. They wanted to have their memories captured in a romantic and natural way, so except the location that is crucial to accomplish that,...
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