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Bali Prewedding Photoshoot
Indonesia, May 2016
Witnessing people who fall in love is part of my job, like thoose couple, michael and lidia, they both so deeply in love, i can see clearly during photoshoot, without doubt they show me that they are really in love.
They make my job much easier,...
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Afterwedding Scotland Photoshoot In Santorini
Greece, March 2017
Beautiful Marina Birka and her husband come to the amazing Island of Santorini for honeymoon and they trust me to capture their beautiful memories! The Photoshoot take place In Oia, Prophet Ilias and Imerovigli! The weather was not the best,...
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Santorini Weddings & Vacation Photoshoots
Greece, June 2017
Random Photos During photoshoots on weddings, afterweddings & Vacation sessions. All of them have one goal! The goal is the clients have nice time and enjoy the photoshoot! You can see that at the real smiling or sometimes laughing faces in my...
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Karen e Martin Wedding in Taormina
Italy, June 2017
A wonderful couple from Uk chose our wonderful Sicily to crown their dreams and their love. The cornerstone of the wedding was the beauty of Taormina and wedding planner of "Taormina Weddings" organized the event. The day wasfull of emotions;...
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Greece Wedding and Baptism
Greece, June 2017
Greek modern wedding and baptism.
Anna and Dionisis have choiced the Balos Lagoon for the Next Day Photo session.
Enchanting lagoon ever for a romantic couple. The traditional Greek church met us with their simplicity and tranquility...
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A. et C. love story in Paris
France, June 2017
Lovestory near the Eiffel Tower in Paris with beautiful couple in love. It was rainy day, however we managed to take beautiful photos near the Eiffel Tower. It was warm summer day in Paris, we met at 6 PM near the Tracadero square. It is a perfect...
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Perfecto! A wedding in Maldives
Maldives, February 2016
"I choose you,
And i will choose you,
over and over and over.
without pause,
without a doubt,
in a heartbeat.
I will keep choosing you"
This is one of my favorite wedding photoshoots of the year 2016.
The weather so much perfect...
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Love in Bali
Indonesia, April 2017
When Japanese come for propose. Bali is one of the favorite place for sweet couple and they told me to made some beautiful moment. Made some photos and video for their memories here. Tomoya is the Groom and Minami is the Bride. They are from Japan....
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Honeymoon photoshoot in Maldives
Maldives, April 2015
I am lucky. I was very lucky to work with these guys. They are models from Ukraine and this is their real honeymoon. Why lucky? Because I was planning to be on the Maldives for 3 days (flying under a certain wedding ceremony) and waiting for the next...
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Love story in Seychells
Seychelles, May 2017
Wedding ceremony in Seychells. Nice couple from Moscow. We started at day time with preparation of the bridge and than wedding ceremony. Right after ceremone rain started and we decided to go to another side of the island. It was so nice and sunny...
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